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Boeta and his Giraffe

Beautiful, magical❤

Our Rumbling Ocean

Our boy loves Giraffes. For nearly a year the word was a sort of safe word too. When he was worried or scared he would turn to the Giraffe or now, a rock hyrax and cheetah for comfort or safety. I had to do something to remember this in the future.


His love for books and animals, books about animals.


I also worked on an idea for a bmx rider jumping into the air…free to fly… here are the process.bmx-3


Settled on this look, eventually.   adriandblanco-freetofly-ashville

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Remembering that special member of our family

Reflections; my writings of poetry, prose and fiction


When a Dog Steals Your Heart


When a dog steals your heart

it becomes that kind of love

where a bond of mutual trust

is formed from the start.

It grows stronger through the years

and when it is his time

and your heart is filled with grief

you watch through your tears

as he’s quietly put to sleep.

You’re thankful for what you had

and the memories that you keep,

but now you say goodbye

after his last and final breath,

and when it’s time to part

you clutch his collar, leash and tags

like they’re pieces to his heart.


Joyce E. Johnson (2016)

The above poem is one I wrote and shared a few years ago when we lost our beloved Titus, to cancer and epileptic attacks. After enjoying him for ten years since raising him from a pup we had to put him down, and grieved…

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