PA, PAD, Day 3, Prompt: Message

(I once heard her say: “…some people don’t speak poetry…”)

Echoes of a Poet’s Voice

A message in a bottle all
the fish can hear. It bobs, it floats,
it drifts…Its message is not clear.
So I will listen to the fish
each time they whisper here. I know
that they can see its words, I know
its message clear. No feet have they
to trample words, no muddy hands
in tow. For fish glide graceful and
they hear that voice from depths below.

Avaiki_Cave,_Niue,by vuorikari,CrCommons-Attribution-Share-Alike,2.0
Photo by vuorikari, CrCommons-Attribution-Share Alike

3 thoughts on “PA, PAD, Day 3, Prompt: Message

  1. I absolutely love your poem above. It has a wonderful rhythmic flow and the message is beautiful. Thanks for recently visiting my blog site.

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