CB, Flashy-Fiction Friday, 2May14, Prompt: The Homecoming

“…I can always find you…” –B       So… while I was out and about, meandering through my writing/photo journey, I see that you visited, <3. I thought that you might. It appears that you immersed yourself in the pure, cloudy draping that covered your large, overstuffed, burgundy chair, and that you pulled back the covering from your huge television screen, just enough to enjoy the picture after locating your clicker, untouched, hidden, just where you left it. Yess… I know you…and I know you were there ~ serenely snuggled in soft sunlight, grey flannel bathrobe, cashmere throw… ~ oil of peppermint essence wafting ~ … and the tears well, and my heart hurts…

softsunlight2 By Ky3HeUOB, PD

4 thoughts on “CB, Flashy-Fiction Friday, 2May14, Prompt: The Homecoming

  1. Hey Lady! I like this piece, your work and this genteel place you’ve constructed here. Glad to see you have branched out more and collected your thoughts in a concrete way on your blog. I’ll make a point to visit more, but know you are encouraged and supported in these endeavors. Great job, Henri!

    • Thank you, so much, Walt!! Please know that I would not have had the courage to write in a public forum had it not been for you and Meg’s encouraging Blog… So, Thank you!! Please visit whenever you can… 🙂 !!

  2. Lovely! New style of writing? Enjoyed this piece of fiction, Henrietta. 🙂

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