True Friend

Petals Unfolding ... Finding ME


When a True Friend is found
that one will be a friend
when life presents
both the ups and the downs.

That friend is a treasure indeed
for True Friends are a rare find.

*Karma with his teddy bear Buddy of 15 years.*

When our Karma officially came into our family fold in 1999, he was extremely tiny, smaller in fact, then the pink teddy bear in this photograph.  I adopted him at 6 weeks of age, and now in hindsight, I know this is too young for any kitten to be taken away from the Queen.  This poor little guy was not only taken from his Mommy too young, but subjected to neutering and vaccines.

The moment Karma smelled me, he went absolutely nuts in the cage he was in.  Frantically he clawed at the bars, crying, crying even louder, not stopping until I picked him up.  When…

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4 thoughts on “True Friend

  1. I do thank you ever so much for this reblog. May you have a Blessed day! Love, Amy

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