A Creative Life.

❤ !!


It is true – we all have one.  A Creative Life.

freezing creek

I truly believe we are all artists. Whether in the arrangement of the pillows on our beds, or our book shelves, or the swinging copper pans, or a meal on a plate, or a garden, or a photograph, or the ring on an old hand or the perfect balance of spices and herbs or a dance in shades of white, a canvas of paint, brooms leaning on a wall or whatever. It is ALL art.

guinea fowl

Some of us are secret artists, some of us are those gentle auntie artists who drift through our generations leaving strong bright oil paintings on our walls and some of you have a soul that vibrates its art onto a canvas or page and and also have that ability to sell from your studio to my walls. Available for us all to see. Wonderful all.


Us humble bloggers are artists…

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