Lovely… ❤


I was taking photographs of the Kitchens Garden Retreat yesterday. My little airbnb apartment. I have guests coming in today, so while it looked so pretty, I thought I would take some shots and update the site.  I don’t mind if you have a look too.


Of course we have snow coming in later tonight so that will be interesting. The guests cannot park close to their little wing when there is weather coming in. We unload then take the car down to park by the barn. Not as convenient but better than getting stuck.


My favourite part of hosting is the dressing of the rooms. It is like setting up a stage for the theatre.  Or creating a film set.  Every detail sends a message and I just love that. It is a little like playing house. The bread is rising and soon I will boil some eggs and make the butter and…

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2 thoughts on “MY AIRBNB

  1. Just the kind of place I’d love to stay it looks so homey

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