CB, 14Dec14, Prompt #179 – “Dropping a Line At Holiday Time”

This time of year we hear many wonderful songs that help us to celebrate the Christmas and Holiday season. Take a line from one of these songs, spiritual or secular, and make it the theme/title/line in your poem.

Joy to the World

Yes, your name
I still whisper
in the silent night.

Yuletide, by Evan, CC by_ND 2.0
by Evan, CC BY-ND 2.0

CB, 9Nov14, Prompt #174, “To Have and to Hold”

Our lives are moments handed down from generation to generation upon which we build a new version based on this foundation. Our lives appear to be heirlooms. Today, write about an heirloom, memento, or keepsake. Describe it, from whom it was given and the strength of the attachment.


He had his travel suitcase packed
Retirement had come at last
He’d freely roam by sea or land
A destination always planned.

By Dale Frost, CC BY 2.0
By Dale Frost, CC BY 2.0

Na(No)PoWriMo, November, 2014

I will be working on my children’s Picture Book project this NaPoWriMo over at my other blog, http://Journeytothetopoftheworld.wordpress.com/, with perhaps a few poems/photographs here on my usual Sunday/Wednesdays, if I find the prompt inspiring. Happy NaPo(No)WriMo, everyone ❤ 😀 !!

IMG_3544 H.

IMG_3573 H.

bY Snugg LePup, CC BY-NC 2.0
By Snugg LePup, CC BY-NC 2.0

CB, 5Oct14, Prompt #169 – “A Sense of Belonging”

Your powers of observation are at random states of acuity. Do you always trust them? For this exercise/prompt close your eyes for about five minutes and get acquainted with your surroundings. Is it warm/cold? Are you comfortable/uneasy? Aromas? Sounds? Do not let your eyes deceive, let your remaining senses take command. When you feel very aware, write your poem.

Peaceful Drive

Ease of being
Warmth. Enamored.
No need to see
Just where I am
I Felt him there,
That’s all that mattered.

earlyautumnmorning. By Rachel Kramer, CC BY 2.0
By Rachel Kramer, CC BY 2.0

CB, 17Sep14, INFORM POETS: Septolet

…A poem consisting of seven lines containing fourteen words with a break in between the two parts. Both parts deal with the same thought and create an image.

Always to Stay

Through you
Meandering into
Thoughts of you…

Let us never forget

By Mani Babbar Photography, CC BY NC-NC 2.0
By Mani Babbar Photography, CC BY NC-ND 2.0