Day 27, Granada Camp for Wayward Poets – Barrel of Monkeys

July 27th – In the children’s game, “Barrel of Monkeys”, you tried to link the arms of the monkeys to make a chain. Following the linking exercise of yesterday, we continue Haiku style. We will link haiku together. I will offer a start… :

morning arises
offering hope for the day
new awakenings

sunlight surmounts hills
sending shadows scurrying
birds begin to sing

happiness creeps in–
a perfect start to the day
positive thinking

offerings this day
in malachite, azurite
seawater brilliance

by Pete Robbins, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0
By Pete Robbins, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

(Haiku authors: Walt W., William P., Viv B., Hen C.)

PA, PAD, Day 17, Prompt: Pop Culture

60’s Style: “Catch the Wind”**

a drive
into Frisco
Flower-power, children
Hippies in Golden
Gate park
…the wind.

Windy Day Along the Coast

Windy Day Along the Coast

By Tom Nebel, US F&W Svc, PD

** ❤ “Catch the Wind”, Bob Dylan, by Karen Messick’s MySpace page.

PA, PAD, DAY 10, /INFORM POETS, Prompt: Future

From A Distance, Peace

may I miss
nothing at all.
Lying in quiet, bliss
Remaining steady, not to fall
That rock in the distance, to me it calls:
“Let me surround you, building structure within
There I hold you…I will not let you fall,
And through your trust, I will stand tall
With strength you cannot miss.”

Nothing at all
will I miss
Our bliss,