CB, 14Dec14, Prompt #179 – “Dropping a Line At Holiday Time”

This time of year we hear many wonderful songs that help us to celebrate the Christmas and Holiday season. Take a line from one of these songs, spiritual or secular, and make it the theme/title/line in your poem.

Joy to the World

Yes, your name
I still whisper
in the silent night.

Yuletide, by Evan, CC by_ND 2.0
by Evan, CC BY-ND 2.0

Day 4, Granada Camp for Wayward Poets – “Night Lights Over the Lake”

July 4th – Happy Independence Day and Happy Canada Day (July 1). We look to the night sky for today’s inspiration. And, certainly, neither celebration would be complete without fireworks displays. Write of the lights the night reveals… Fireworks, citronella candles, fireflies, patio lanterns… choose your illumination.

Serenity’s Flight

Twinkling solitaire in the night
Serenity singing in fireflies’ light
Wandering quietly thru night’s dark plight
Settling softly on wings of flight.

Photinus_Carolinus_Fireflies, by Radim Schreiber, CC-SA 3.0
By Radim Schreiber, CC-SA 3.0