Na(No)PoWriMo, November, 2014

I will be working on my children’s Picture Book project this NaPoWriMo over at my other blog,, with perhaps a few poems/photographs here on my usual Sunday/Wednesdays, if I find the prompt inspiring. Happy NaPo(No)WriMo, everyone ❤ 😀 !!

IMG_3544 H.

IMG_3573 H.

bY Snugg LePup, CC BY-NC 2.0
By Snugg LePup, CC BY-NC 2.0

Day 24, Granada Camp for Wayward Poets – It’s Raining, Again (Outside)

July 24th – It’s raining again! I told you it would! (And, of course it’s raining OUTSIDE!) But, this time you’re caught outdoors in the storm. Do you run for shelter? Seek a refuge in a clearing in the rocks? How about dancing in the rain with reckless abandon? How do you deal with the inevitable rain? Write it here!


The lightening flashed
the thunder rumbled
the clouds burst open
And the rain poured down

A prayer, just then
hushed, quiet
Silently spilled out.

Salvation poem
By Todd Petit, CC BY 2.0

Day 16, Granada Camp for Wayward Poets – (Ottava Rima Form) – The Lake

July 16th – Bordering the south ridge of cabins in our complex, we find serenity in the guise of Lake Granada. That is your inspiration. Write a lake poem, or around a lake, or something “lake-like”. And of course being Wednesday (we got off easy last week) our FORM for our lake poems uses Ottava Rima…


I cried with weeping willow tree. Beneath
her teardrops, salty, we exchanged our “numb”
-ers tenderly. Our toes in water’s sheath
Protected gingerly, as we did plumb
Our depths to see, if we could bring relief
And learn to know how deep to go, Succumb
To forces never known, Enlist their aid
No questions asked. As such, our peace was made.

Willow-367274, by carecrit, PD
By carecrit, PD

Day 7, Granada Camp for Wayward Poets – Intense in Tents

July 7th – Your “Bunkie/tent mate” is getting on your nerves. Think of a non-hurtful prank you can play as payback. You can write about the event or of the reaction to it.

“…the only thing to do about Love is to Love more…” – Author Unknown

For My Honey

Riveting novel
One chapter to go
He snuggled right in
Camp light aglow
What’s THIS?!?!
Pages stuck,
In honey of muck, Now
He’ll just have to Wait,
Until we get home.

honey pages
By Fae, CC-BY-SA 3.0, Image cropped