…a Nonet is a nine line poem, with the first line containing nine syllables, the next eight, and so on, until the last line has one syllable. So allow your syllables to FALL and write a brilliantly hued poem in keeping with the spirit of the Autumn Equinox.

Autumn’s Fair

A crimson heart leaf fluttering
Floating steadily silent
Through golden rays captured
In arms warmed secure
And steadfastly

by Superior Hiking, CC BY 2.0
By Superior Hiking, CC BY 2.0

Day 25, Granada Camp for Wayward Poets – At Your Service

July 25th – It is our annual service day at camp. This is where we do something for someone else. There’s a camp for children with disabilities down the stream from us; a church camp up the road. On the northern end of the property there is an Assisted Living facility; the southern quadrant is a nature preserve. A mile up the road is a mission which serves homeless veterans. Pick a group to serve and write a bit of your altruism into your poem.


Gather seedlings dry and fresh
Spread them ’round the ground’s warm nest
Sprinkle lightly where they rest
Wait politely, God’s behest.

Wildflower Garden by Charles Dawley, CC BY-NC-NC 2.0
By Charles Dawley, CC BY-NC 2.0