CB, 9Nov14, Prompt #174, “To Have and to Hold”

Our lives are moments handed down from generation to generation upon which we build a new version based on this foundation. Our lives appear to be heirlooms. Today, write about an heirloom, memento, or keepsake. Describe it, from whom it was given and the strength of the attachment.


He had his travel suitcase packed
Retirement had come at last
He’d freely roam by sea or land
A destination always planned.

By Dale Frost, CC BY 2.0
By Dale Frost, CC BY 2.0

Day 23, Granada Camp for Wayward Poets – Your Area Adventures

July 23rd – So tell us about your town, city, state, country…places where you can escape for the day or week to camp, or be amused in a park setting. A place you’ve never been but would like to (have) gone. Be poetic and we’ll be informed and share your locale.

Tide Pool, Pacific Coast

It’s in a little town
Where, up late, you can see
Chiton’s midnight walk
The rocky shoreline,

Chiton by tsoleau, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
By tsoleau, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Day 7, Granada Camp for Wayward Poets – Intense in Tents

July 7th – Your “Bunkie/tent mate” is getting on your nerves. Think of a non-hurtful prank you can play as payback. You can write about the event or of the reaction to it.

“…the only thing to do about Love is to Love more…” – Author Unknown

For My Honey

Riveting novel
One chapter to go
He snuggled right in
Camp light aglow
What’s THIS?!?!
Pages stuck,
In honey of muck, Now
He’ll just have to Wait,
Until we get home.

honey pages
By Fae, CC-BY-SA 3.0, Image cropped


On A Roll

He made me laugh through our darkest of days,
So many, many hours ended that way.
Let loose! Let loose! With laughter then,
Who knows when we shall laugh again?
Sit here real close, let me tell you once more:
Let loose your laughter! We fell to the floor!

“Loud! A raucous!” They started to say,
But we didn’t care, just laughed anyway!
“Hush up! Hush up!” Not spoken out,
It would not quiet laughter’s shout.
So, stopping well short of that which they brought,
“Hush up” was something they left there in thought.

Photo courtesy of GraphicStock